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Does Makeup By Sky Lilli require a booking fee for her appointments?

Yes, Makeup By Sky Lilli requires a booking fee to secure your appointment. Paying a booking fee insures Makeup By Sky Lilli that you are serious about your appointment. When clients decide to cancel or fail to show up to their appointments, Makeup By Sky Lilli lose's not only money, but also time and opportunity for future clients that could have taken the spot. No shows will also be charged the full cost of the service booked.

If the deposit isn't paid within 24 hours of your tentative booking, the appointment may be offered elsewhere.


I need to cancel my appointment but I have already paid the booking fee, will I receive a refund for that?

Unfortunately, the booking fee system is put in place due to cancelations. The booking fee is NON Refundable, but, if you cancel your lash appointment enough in advance, you will be able to reschedule your booking to another spot within a week of when the original booking was set.
*Please note*
The booking fee for Makeup/Hair appointments are non-transferable. If you would like to cancel or reschedule, you will lose the booking fee. If you choose to reschedule, you will be required to pay another booking fee for that appointment.

Which payment methods does Makeup By Sky Lilli accept?

Makeup By Sky Lilli accepts direct transfer or cash. You can find her payment details in her Terms & Conditions.

What happens if I am late to my booking?

If, with no fault to Makeup By Sky Lilli, you run behind the scheduled appointment time by 10-15 minutes, depending what service you are booked for, Makeup By Sky Lilli may not be able to fit you in anymore. An alternative may be offered if possible, and if that does not suit or there is not enough time to complete your service, your appointment will be marked as a no-show. Fees apply.

Does Makeup By Sky Lilli Travel?

Yes, Makeup By Sky Lilli provides mobile services for a minimum of 5 people in a group booking. This is for makeup and hair services only. Travel charges will apply.

I want to come with a friend — does Makeup By Sky Lilli offer package deals?

Pricing at Makeup By Sky Lilli is flat-rate. No group-booking discount.

When will I need to get my Lash Extensions Refilled?

Lash refills are required at 2-3 Weeks. Makeup By Sky Lilli, will not accept refills at 4 weeks. You must have 40-50% of your lashes remaining. If you have less or need to push your refills out, you will be charged the full set price.

How do I prepare for my Lash Appointment?

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to get your lashes wet for 24 hours post service, so it is best to shower before you appointment. Come with clean lashes, no makeup, especially eye makeup, and do NOT drink any caffeine before your booking. You will be still for 1 hour+, caffeine can make you very fidgety and make your eyes flutter, which will make it very hard to complete the process and in some cases, the service may not be able to take place at all. Lastly, Make sure you arrive on time.

How do I prepare for my Hair/Makeup Appointment?

Makeup- Come with a fresh face. If you have any left over mascara or foundation, this might make it hard to achieve a flawless finish.

Hair- Top tips for a flawless hair do: Wash your hair and blow dry it upside down for volume the night before you appointment. Nice, clean hair ensures a fresh bouncy look. Oily, dirty hair does not hold curls very well and makes it hard to achieve volume.

What products does Makeup By Sky Lilli use?

Makeup By Sky Lilli provides only the best quality products for her clients.
In her makeup kit, there is a wide range of brands such as NARS, MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte, Too Faced, BH Cosmetics, MORPHE and loads more. If you have a specific brand you’d like Makeup By Sky Lilli to use for your makeup, please let her know at your appointment.

Where is Makeup By Sky Lilli located?

Makeup By Sky Lilli is located at her home boutique on Calton Road, Gawler East, Adelaide, SA, 5118.
Her address will be sent to you upon confirmation of your booking.

Does Makeup By Sky Lilli stock any products?

Yes, Makeup By Sky Lilli stocks lash cleansing foam & reusable mascara wands for eyelash extension aftercare, False strip lashes, Lipstick, Festival Face Jewels and Hair & Jewellery accessories for all Makeup, Hair and Beauty needs.

Is Makeup By Sky Lilli Qualified?

Yes, Makeup By Sky Lilli is Qualified in Makeup, Hair, Lash lifts and Tints and Lash extensions. 

Sky studied at Media Makeup in 2015 and 2017 where she completed her cert 2 and 3 in Makeup and Hair.

She then studied Lashes completing a Lash Lift and Tint course through Sugarlashpro  in August 2017, A Classic Eyelash Extension course through Eleebana in October 2017 and a Volume Eyelash Extension Course through LeLash Beautique in April 2018.

Health & Hygiene

It is advised to notify Makeup By Sky Lilli, prior to any scheduled appointments or trials, of any allergies or skin conditions. This is to guarantee that any reactions are prevented.
Ensure to mention any appropriate contagious sicknesses/infections/skin conditions - it could be something as severe as conjunctivitis, or even just a cold sore, rashes, warts or the flu etc.
Please note that makeup services can not and will not be performed under any circumstances with these conditions.
As it is the clients responsibility to warn me about any sensitivities, illnesses or allergies, I will not fall responsible for any reactions that in the unlikely event may possibly occur.

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment, you can book online via the 'Book Now' button on this website or please send through you message using the 'Contact' section with:

1. Your full name

2. The service you are after

3. The preferred date/time you would like to book for.

Feel free to send any questions you may have, as Makeup By Sky Lilli will happily answer them for you.

Does Makeup By Sky Lilli do Eyelash Extensions Refills on other Lash Technicians work?

Makeup By Sky Lilli does not refill other Lash Technicians work but will happily remove the old lashes for you and complete a new set if your lashes are healthy enough. This is why:

Basically, the eyelash extension industry is an unregulated one; meaning that unfortunately it’s saturated with technicians that have had no training or poor training, are using outdated methods or, they simply don't care about ensuring your well being.

When I had previously accepted refill work which hadn’t been her own, in most cases the extensions weren’t in a condition that she was able to work with (resulting in unexpected costs of removal and full set price) or, I had a client leaving devastated with the news that their natural lashes had been damaged – many times too scared to EVER try lash extensions again. 

This is not the experience I want you to leave Makeup By Sky Lilli with. 

At Makeup By Sky Lilli, I look forward to the day of a regulated industry so that everyone can experience eyelash extensions the way they should be. But for now, I focus on doing my part to improve the industry standards by responsibly delivering damage free lashes that you love and promoting lash wellness. 

How do I take care of my Lash Extensions?

After you Appointment Makeup By Sky Lilli will go through the important aftercare steps such as the ones below:

-Do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours post service

-Do not pick/rub/touch/pull your lash extensions

-Avoid exposure to steam and high levels of heat

-Avoid running water directly on your lashes in the shower 

-Do not sleep on your lashes 

-Do not wear mascara/liner or false lashes on your lash extensions

-Avoid oily products such as makeup, makeup remover and moisturisers near the lash line. 

-Do not wait more than 3 weeks for refills (You must have 40-50% of lash extensions left to qualify for refill pricing.

For further information on Lash Extensions, refer to Makeup By Sky Lilli's Lash Bible section. 

Thank you for reading, we hope all your questions have been answered! If not, please feel free to contact Makeup By Sky Lilli, and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

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